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Heaven on earth has been spotted in Oklahoma State basketball’s new locker room

Oct 23, 2010, 1:37 PM EDT


Now I’m not saying this is the best locker room in the universe, but the $4 million renovation to Oklahoma State’s basketball facility probably resembles what Bill Gates WISHES his house looked like.
There are hair dryers specifically designed to accommodate the wide range of heights found on a basketball team, (video following the jump), marble staircases that look they’d be really painful to take a pillow ride down (so that’s probably a negative), weird chandeliers that resemble alien spacecraft, a universal sound system that will probably be the source of everyone’s arguments as they vie over musical tastes, enough TV’s to watch yourself watch yourself watch television if you were so inclined to do such a thing — though that’s probably more up Alex Rodriguez’s alley — and a pool table.

Good luck getting those kids into classrooms now, Cowboys. You should have invested in a Calvin & Hobbes transmogrifier because nobody entering that locker room will ever leave. It’s science: When an entity finds an environment that makes them completely comfortable they’re going to do whatever is in their power to stay there, and that’s why they needed a crane this summer to remove me from Six Flags Wild Water Kingdom. From Yahoo Sports’ The Dagger:

If the Oklahoma State basketball program loses a recruiting battle to one of its Big 12 adversaries, just know it probably wasn’t because the Cowboys’ facilities were inadequate.

Freshmen Mike Cobbins, Brian Williams and Markel Brown recently donned white bathrobes and took viewers on an MTV Cribs-style tour of the basketball team’s newly built locker rooms, player’s lounge and training facility. The $4 million privately funded project to expand the men’s and women’s basketball locker rooms at Gallagher-Iba Arena began on Nov. 2 2009 and was completed this month.

Who wants to stage a hostile takeover of that magical place with me? I’ll bring the pitchforks, you bring the mojitos.

– Josiah Schlatter

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  1. aious - Oct 23, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    But remember that these are actually students before athletes….uh….right?

  2. lewp - Oct 24, 2010 at 6:04 AM

    If you check to see who is the biggest financial supporter of Oklahoma State athletics, all of this becomes crystal clear.