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Tuesday Blogdome: Shannon Sharpe accused of making death threats

Sep 14, 2010, 5:00 PM EDT

* Sharpe Accused Of ‘Forced’ Sex, Death Threats. [Michele] Bundy was granted a temporary protective order against [Shannon] Sharpe after accusing the CBS commentator of forcing her to have sex with him, multiple threats on her life and stalking. Sharpe was ordered by the Court to not contact Bundy or her immediate family and remain at least 200 yards away from her at all times. [SportsbyBrooks]
* Kid gets lit up by the goalpost on kickoff … wait, what? Apparently this is from Yorktown High School in Arlington VA. I mean I can’t say I’ve ever seen that happen before. [Barstool Sports]

* Tom Brady: ‘I Feel As Good As I’ve Ever Felt After An Opening Game’. On the Calvin Johnson play from the Lions-Bears game: “I saw that, and that’s a tough call. I know what the rules are, and they have to have definitive rules. I think when you go down with the ball, you just got to hold on to it when you hit the ground. It’s been in place for a while now. So, I’m never one to bitch about the rules, because the tuck rule, that kind of got us a Super Bowl.” [Sports Radio Interviews]
* Your Crooks & Castle Model: Matt Kemp. Crooks & Castle just released some images from their Fall 2010 Lookbook. Matt Kemp is the model/spokesman for the Fall 2010 collection. [Vin Scully Is My Homeboy]
* Nationals Suffering From Curse of Lincoln’s Assassins! The team’s current location, at the Washington Navy Yard is the root of all the trouble. It was there, after Lincoln’s death that the autopsy of John Wilkes Booth was held, he was also buried at the Navy Yard for 5 years before the Booth family moved him. In addition, next to the Navy Yard at the time was Fort McNair where four of Booth’s co-conspirators were held and later executed. [The Slanch Report]
* C.J. Spiller Already Has A Song About Him. Because when you rush seven times for six yards, that garners you a song in Buffalo. Local band Sudden Urge produced “Spiller” and based it off of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” [Second-String Fullback]
* For the Record: Cool interview with Kyle Chandler, the coach on Friday Night Lights (via The Big Lead) … Ever see 1,341 home runs sitting next to each other, watching tennis?
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  1. AllThat - Sep 15, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    How could they understand the dope. He cannot even talk good enough for someone to call it a threat.