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Cornell men's basketball team vs. Rubik's Cube

Mar 23, 2010, 3:00 PM EDT

Thanks to this video sent to us by a Cornell grad, we now know two things: The Cornell men’s basketball individual record for solving a Rubik’s Cube is 2 minutes, 40 seconds. And the Cornell men’s basketball team is smarter than whatever team you picked in your office pool to meet Kentucky in the Sweet 16.
Watch above as freshman forward Eitan Chemerinski takes on a Rubik’s Cube in a valiant attempt to beat the record. You got next, John Wall.
Cornell basketball vs. Rubik’s Cube [YouTube]

  1. Carl - Mar 23, 2010 at 5:38 PM

    Back when the Rubiks Cube came out in the early 80s my best time was about 70 seconds..and I’m a dumb ole boy from Kentucky.

  2. Mike - Mar 23, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    John Wall does not need next. He just needs someone to count his millions.

  3. Cliff - Mar 23, 2010 at 10:32 PM

    UK student with a time of under 1 minute. I thought they were smart?

  4. Kellen - Mar 24, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    World record now is like 4.7 seconds. 2:42 is snail speed.