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Determined Tiger hecklers will have tough time at Masters

Mar 17, 2010, 12:00 PM EDT

Only 29 days, 7 hours, 14 minutes to go until The Masters, but chances are that Tiger Woods poster you’ve been working on will not get through the front gate at Augusta National. Masters officials have vowed that not heckling of any kind will be tolerated — even directed toward that bastard Stewart Cink! — and those who try it will be hauled off to prison. Indeed, that’s one of the reasons Tiger picked this pristine event to make his comeback. It’s like he’ll be competing in an animated Disney movie, with cartoon bluebirds perched on his shoulder as he putts.
Tiger seems to have won the war with hecklers before it even starts. But has he? If history has taught us anything, it’s that battles are won and lost on the basis of air support.
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Fun fact: The Ringling Bros. Circus immediately precedes The Masters in Augusta this year. Appropriate. From a rather biased, homer column by Scott Michaux of the Augusta Chronicle today:

All the bombast and innuendo of the tabloid press, however, isn’t going to breach the perimeter of Augusta National during Masters Week. We’ll just need to put our blinders on when everything outside the gates gets put in the spotlight of a TV glare that doesn’t usually befall our little corner of the world.

Not even this, Scott?
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  1. Bruce M. Brownstein - Mar 17, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    Our wonderful Country is full of shameless and fickle people. They jump and leap to get on the bandwagon of criticism and blame. They lack so much in their own minds, hearts, and souls, that they gain power by this type of ‘book burning’, the dunking of Witches, and the burning infidels at the stake. After they have spilled the blood in their minds, they go home to their beer drinking, their drugs, their white capes, their swastikas, and then hide behind their Bibles. Every town and city in America has them and you have read their car bumper stickers and watched them toss their litter onto your highways and town roads. From the front, you can recognize these people as they hide behind their religious pendants that they wear to ward-off all evil spirits.
    Forty percent of American’s vote to make this Country a better Nation. These hecklers and haters do not vote. If they do, they do so when driving by you and extending to you their central finger vote. They hate you because you have more than they do. They hate you because you speak well from your education. They despise you as you dine in decent restaurants. They ultimately hate you because you have never been in the newspaper Court listing of criminals and wife abusers. They hate you because you clean your yard and donate to the poor (in other countries). They hate you because you do not use their ‘Crack’ or appreciate their motorcycle Gangs or Gangs in general.
    Basically, Go Get ‘Um Tiger! Your true fans admire you…and forgive you like they wish to be forgiven themselves. Behind you is The Golden & Silver Rules. Good luck in your marriage and God bless your wife and children too!–a Fan

  2. TheChoad - Mar 17, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    On another note…..Tiger, I hope you choke and don’t make the cut. Not because I think your a sleazy man whore, I’ve never liked you, even before we found out that you can’t keep your pecker in your pants. That just added to my dislike of you. Good Luck Brotha!