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Stubby Clapp's Video Vault: Agassi and Sampras? Not friendly

Mar 14, 2010, 2:15 PM EDT

Can’t we all just get along? At least for charity? Appearing in a charity match for “Hits for Haiti,” Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi bring down the maturity and ratchet up the rivalry when they go toe-to-toe with snide comments about one another. It appears to begin all in good fun with some semi-sarcastic remarks back and forth, but it escalates. It escalates. [Epic Carnival]
After the jump, Tom Brady likes the lights turned down low, something’s ain’t right with Hall of Famer Johnny Bench, mascot tries to eat a comely ESPN personality, dogs golfing and some Geico caveman hilarity.

Tom Brady is environmental, shaggy. Seriously, what’s up the ‘do? Questionable hairstyles aside, Tom Brady is speaking up on behalf of Earth Hour, when on March 27th, we are all supposed to turn off the lights for one hour at 7:30 p.m. How will Tom be able to admire himself in the mirror in the dark? The guy is all about sacrifices. [With Leather]

I have no idea what Johnny Bench is on, but I’ll take two. Johnny Bench recently had hip surgery and my guess is the medication he is taking may have something to do with his – ahem – strange behavior during an interview with The Score. Suffice to say, it is somewhat awkward to watch the legendary Bench a little off-kilter, to say the least. [theScore via Deadspin]

Mascots are becoming a menace,people. You may have seen it when the Toronto Raptors mascot swallowing a cheerleader whole, now we have ESPN SportsNation’s Michelle Beadle getting nearly eaten by the mascot Mackeral Jordan after she said Michael Jordan is more powerful than the aforementioned mascot. The tongue on that Mackeral Jordan is…terrifying. [Busted Coverage]

Ladies and gentlemen, Burrito the Golfing Dog! Nice form, but the outfit is embarrassing. People will argue that this is mean, but I heard, after a lot of trial and error, Burrito is now a scratch golfer – but only when he has fleas. Wah-wahhhhh. [Devil Ball Golf]

The Geico Caveman is Cro-Magnificent! What happens when a caveman meets a hockey team? He cracks brilliant one-liners, like the one he said to Scott Hartnell, when he had this to say to the Flyers winger: “We missed you at the reunion this year, brother.” Brilliant, no matter the historical epoch. [The700Level]

  1. anthony - Mar 21, 2010 at 6:09 PM

    I watched the Johnny Bench video and found nothing weird about his behavior.