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Probably not the best idea to make a steroids joke to a player who has been suspended for steroids

Mar 13, 2010, 3:00 PM EDT

Especially when you are trying to get the guy’s autograph. Yeah.
Philadelphia Phillies reliever J.C. Romero is being sued by a fan who alleges that Romero struck him after a game at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay last summer.
Robert Eaton, 25, is believed to be seeking $15,000 in damages in connection with the alleged incident that occurred on June 29, 2009. Eaton claims that because of the “serious and permanent injuries” he sustained he was unable to enroll in firefighter’s school, which I assume was his dream job. Sure, it’s nothing like failing in your quest to one day become a banker, but it is still unfair.

Romero allegedly struck the “victim” after Eaton made a steroid joke when trying to secure an autograph from the pitcher.
From The Phillies Zone:

Eaton alleges that Romero hit him in the neck when he was asking for an autograph. Eaton remembers calling Romero’s attention by saying, “How about you get me some juice?” — a reference to Romero’s 50-game suspension last season for performance enhancing drugs. After St. Petersburg police investigated the claim and handed it to the state attorney’s office, charges were not pursued because of conflicting accounts from witnesses.

I am neither disputing nor am I legitimizing the veracity of Eaton’s complaints, but how shortsighted and moronic must a person be to crack a joke about steroids to a guy who has been previously suspended for supposedly taking steroids? And then have the cojones to actually expect an autograph? That’s like walking up to Mike Tyson and going, “Hey, Iron Mike: raped any beauty pageant contestants lately? But seriously, I’m a huge fan. Can I get your autograph?”
Eaton assured a reporter with the St. Petersburg Times that the incident “happened, and it affected my life,” while Romero, not surprisingly did not wish to discuss the lawsuit, saying, “I’m trying to put it behind me. When something changes, I’ll talk to you.”
Who knows at this point if Romero will simply settle with the man out of court and avoid the unneeded publicity or if he will fight it tooth and nail and take it all the way to trial. If the $15,000 is in fact the damages Eaton is seeking, settling may be the best choice. On the other hand, if Romero chooses to fight the claims that Eaton’s neck has sustained a permanent injury, I would suggest using the unorthodox tactic employed by Mike in The Brady Bunch episode, “The Fender Benders.” That Mr. Duggan thought he was pretty smart, but few are as crafty as that Mike Brady.
Romero being sued for alleged altercation [The Phillies Zone]

  1. David C - Mar 13, 2010 at 6:39 PM

    If ever in the future your house is on fire but we “accidently” take a wrong turn, remember this post, jerk