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Ian Poultier fans are tangled up in plaid

Mar 13, 2010, 9:00 AM EDT

Gah! The plaid, the plaid!
The rain may have dampened the mood at the CA Championships at Doral on Friday, but before the downpours rolled in, some spectators in attendance, evidently big fans of Ian Poultier, decided to mimic the golfer’s, um, unique attire and all dressed in plaid pants.
Full-sized photo, in all its affront-to-all-things-stylin’ glory, after the jump.

Poultier appears quite pleased with the fashion-backward devotion of his followers, while his playing partner, Geoff Ogilvy, seems genuinely horrified at the scene.
It is too bad plaid pants do not equal success on the golf course – if that were the case, my grandpa would be a scratch golfer – Poultier struggled his way around the Blue Monster, a seven-bogey round left him with a 78 in the second round. No bueno.
But hey, at least the pants were a hit, I guess. If any of you were to ever develop a hankering for garish golf pants, you can always find them at IJP Design, the “Official Site of Ian James Poultier Golf & Lifestyle Apparel.” But be forewarned, it is one freaky scene, man.
* note: for you readers keeping score at home, yes, the title of this post is an homage to the Queen of the Stone Age song, “Tangled Up In Plaid.” You know what? Why the heck not? It’s Saturday morning, let’s get this day started off right, shall we?

Yeah, that’s nice.
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