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PETA responds to KFC's 'Get a Grip' golf promotion, and it's kind of our fault

Mar 9, 2010, 3:00 PM EDT

Not everyone is thrilled with Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new “Get a Grip” KFC-branded sports equipment promotion, in which golfer J.B. Holmes is pictured on the company’s web site using a new KFC handle on his golf club, as we posted earlier today. Because they have a special poultry hot line phone in their main headquarters in which they receive all chicken-related news alerts, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals got wind of our post and quickly whipped up a statement. They don’t think that Holmes should be choking his chicken, and say so in no uncertain terms.
But also be sure to check out the quote on this by the Eagles’ Jason Avant, also following the jump. It’s worth the price of admission.

The exclusive-to-Out Of Bounds PETA statement:

KFC needs to get a grip on the rampant animal abuse that goes into its products. Chickens raised for KFC live in filth and are bred to grow so large so fast that they often become crippled from supporting the weight of their upper bodies. It’s hard to grasp why KFC refuses to listen to its advisers and make basic animal welfare improvements that would eliminate the worst abuses that chickens suffer on factory farms — almost as hard as it is to hold onto a greasy hunk of KFC’s chicken. PETA hopes that people will boycott this KFC until it stops allowing chickens to be bruised, broken, and scalded to death for its buckets.

Here once again is the KFC news release on the promotion, to which Holmes, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Avant, and Ole Miss tennis star Devin Britton have lent their names. Here is the completely true, not made up by The Onion quote from Avant included in the KFC release:

“Everyone knows that getting a grip on the football is important, but it is also important when it comes to eating chicken,” said Avant, who relies on his grip to make plays each Sunday. “I’m looking forward to trying out both the new KFC Boneless Filet Box and KFC-branded wide receiver gloves this off-season.”

I’m sorry; I should be done laughing in about two hours. No more posts until then.
Meanwhile, in a somewhat related news item, a man in Wichita who was dressed as a chicken in front of a Burger Barn fast food restaurant was shot at by a passing motorist, but was not seriously injured. The costumed chicken was wearing a sign that read “Eat More Beef!”
KFC Inks Sports-Marketing Deals to Help Pros “Get a Grip” on Their Game [Market Watch]

  1. David C - Mar 9, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    Forrest Gump would be proud of Avant.