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Tiger Woods had a very special 'friends and family plan'

Mar 8, 2010, 4:00 PM EDT

There aren’t a lot of quotes out there from professional golfers concerning Tiger Woods and his extracurricular activities with the ladies. But Mark Calcavecchia — who still claims to be Tiger’s pal, and he says he isn’t judging — looks back with a rather amusing quote in a recent interview with Best part:

“I didn’t really think about it, but in the course of last year he changed his number five times,” says Tiger’s one-time texting buddy Mark Calcavecchia. “The last time he did, I said, ‘Man, you change phone numbers more than I change underwear.’”

Almost to a man, players, caddies and agents profess to have been totally unaware of Tiger’s double life, but in retrospect Woods’s multiple changes of cell number wasn’t Calc’s only tip-off that something was up.

“I did know of a girl he was seeing in Phoenix,” he says. “But I didn’t know the time frame. I didn’t know if it was before or after he was married that he was with her. I knew it was close. It was 2004 sometime. I didn’t think much of it then…”

For the record, Tiger and Elin Nordegren were married on Oct. 5, 2004. They were engaged in 2003.
And now, because it’s possibly my favorite Tiger Woods-related song ever:

Mark Calcavecchia says Tiger Woods changed his cell number five times last year []

  1. ncsailor - Mar 9, 2010 at 6:21 AM

    Just like the other whores in the TIGER story, Chokeaveccia wants his time in the spot light.