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In-your-face squash player decides to politely get out of people's faces

Feb 27, 2010, 3:00 PM EDT

Trinity College’s Baset Chaudhry, the number one ranked collegiate squash player who achieved an unwanted level of notoriety after taunting his opponent, Yale’s Kenneth Chan, during their match last Sunday, has many regrets. Video of the unsportsmanlike incident quickly bounced around the internets like a Dunlop Max Blue squash ball (hey-oh! that’s topical!), forcing Chaudhry to issue a mea culpa and blamed his behavior on “an abhorrent moment of loss of composure.”
Well, Chaudhry took it one step further and formally withdrew from the individual squash championships scheduled for March 5th through the 7th. He is not going to allow the internet to make him out to be a total a-hole again! Take that, suckers!

Simply because it is so entertaining even though you would had to have been living in a cave not to see it, here’s the video of Baset’s – ahem – enthusiasm.

That video never ceases to be totally awesome.
By withdrawing, Chaudhry is clearly remorseful for his behavior, a fact not overlooked by his coaches and faculty at Trinity College.

In a statement released by the school Friday, Trinity President James F. Jones Jr. called Chaudhry an “exemplary student and athlete, demonstrating great engagement and success in the classroom.

“I am extremely proud of Baset for making this difficult decision,” Jones said.

His coach, Paul Assaiante, concurred.

This is a kid who’s been one of the best players I’ve ever had since I’ve been here,” Assaiante said in a statement. “Baset is one of the most beloved figures on campus and a scholar-athlete who has achieved faculty honors. He had a youthful lapse of composure, and now he has voluntarily agreed to step down. It’s a classy thing to do and we applaud him for it.”

I suppose you could call his decision classy, but in my opinion, the classier thing to do would have been to compete in the individual championships and demonstrate to all of the throngs of young, aspiring squash players out there the correct, dignified and sportsmanlike way to compete.
What? There has to be at least a few kids playing squash out there, right? At least on the Wii, they soon will. In March, Racquet Sports will be released and if we have learned one thing, it is if you can play a game on the Wii, the kids are doing it.
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  1. M.B. Patterson - Feb 27, 2010 at 8:34 PM

    Classy, you say: “he has voluntarily agreed to step down. It’s a classy thing to do and we applaud him for it.” Unsportsmanlike conduct compounded by merely minor apology and a stepping aside to avoid additional public attention. Baset Chaudhry’s conduct was appalling and the attention paid, clear evidence that the public does not agree with the coach’s assessment. With all poor behavior, we still expect sportsmanlike conduct. Mr. Chaudhry requires anger management counseling, at the very least.

  2. Ben - Feb 27, 2010 at 11:21 PM

    With respect to the “he should play” bit: if he kept going, even if he held himself in check, people would still question why he wasn’t disciplined, by himself or otherwise.
    We see the best players in various sports at all levels get special treatment when they do unsportsmanlike things. Usually they get a verbal slap on the wrist, with, [i]maybe[/i], a short in-game suspension.
    What Chaudhry is doing really matters, and all he did was be a jerk (to put it lightly). Other star athletes have gotten far less for far worse (actual crimes), so I can’t really fault the decision here.