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Adultery web site CEO grades the Tiger Woods press conference

Feb 23, 2010, 12:00 PM EDT

To make a long story short, I wanted to get a unique perspective on the Tiger Woods situation, as far from the usual give and take as possible. Luckily Noel Biderman was available. Mr. Biderman, a former sports attorney, is the CEO of You may recognize that name as the personals web site that hooks up married people with other married people … yep. A kind of for adulterers. Following is a Q&A I conducted with Mr. Biderman immediately following the Tiger Woods press gathering. Key quote by Biderman as soon as the TV broadcast ended:

“At least I can now safely say that I am now no longer the most hated man in America.”

What does the operator of an adultery web site have to say about the Affair of the Century? The interview is following the jump.

Q: I’ve heard of your site actually, but thought that you’d have been assaulted or horribly maimed by a jealous spouse by now. I’m glad to see you’re unscathed. Can you talk a little about your site in case people haven’t heard of it?

We are a marriage preservation service — and a good candidate for a Nobel prize.

Q: When did you start the site, and what was your motivation?

We started in 2002 and were hoping to create an alternative environment for professional athletes to pursue their “indiscretions” — women love champions!

Q: Are there different kinds of cheating? A good kind and a bad kind? Or is it all good in your estimation?

If it happens on its good — if it happens with Ashley X the professional — not good.

Q: Do pro athletes cheat more than regular folk?

Only if they win … losers cheat about the same as regular folk. But I do think that Democrats cheat more than Republicans.

Q: You were a sports attorney? Who were some of the people you represented? Do you still do that?

That was another era of my professional life — some people called me the Jerry Maguire of Lebanon.

Q: OK, on Tiger Woods. What did you think of his press statement today? How would you have advised him to handle it differently?

First I might have hired a set designer — maybe something with more of a boudoir feel — then I would have put more emphasis on the event’s sponsor (Accenture) and at the very least hired an actress to play his wife.

Q: What did you first think when you first heard that Tiger crashed his SUV into a tree?

I must say I knew what was likely behind his midnight dash — when politicians go AWOL and celebrities deny their affairs, we all have begun to realize what is really taking place

Q: How many mistresses do you think Tiger really had?

I would say that the over/under on that is likely close to his final round at Augusta in 1998.

Q: Sex addiction — is it real? Can it be cured?

If you are married to someone who outweighs Shamu, for sure

Q: Is Tiger a changed man, in your opinion?

Yes, his golf shirts, video games and shoes are all cheaper now

Q: What’s the top reason that people look for love/sex outside of marriage?
By the way, Biderman isn’t kidding when he says he’s not a popular guy. The first 15 Google results for include the word “scam” somewhere in the copy. But he’s been in operation for eight years, so they must be doing something right.

  1. Tony Metler - Feb 23, 2010 at 5:20 PM

    >>But he’s been in operation for eight years, so they must be doing something right.

  2. Joechuk - Feb 25, 2010 at 10:20 PM

    Tiger must need and miss Eldred(sp) Woods Sr. He could have taken all the heat for Tiger. Tiger did what comes naturally and did it well. He is not runign fro Pope or for governor. He is a full blooded athlete.
    if he were a horse, he would retire and live in a harem like King Solomon.
    Why apologize!

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