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Viewers, chickens shocked as Barry Melrose says 'chickens—' live on the air

Feb 16, 2010, 9:00 PM EDT

Look at you, Canada. All full of yourself now that the Winter Olympics are in full swing; you feel you can say and do anything. How else do you explain the Great White North’s Barry Melrose saying “chickens—” live on ESPN’s First Take this morning? It all started as playful banter between Melrose (off to the side) and hosts Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford. The latter asks Melrose what he uses to fight crows feet, and the hockey analyst says matter-of-factly, “chickens—.” Jacobson and Crawford try to roll with it, and Jacobson comes back later with an on-air apology.
Why did it fall to Jacobson to issue the apology? It was Crawford’s inane line of questioning that led to the profanity. Melrose should apologize, actually. Links to the video following the jump.

Here’s video of the profanity, and the ensuing apology.
Interesting juxtaposition between Jacobson laughing at the comment, and then somberly apologizing for it.
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  1. Greg - Feb 17, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    Why should anyone complain. We are grown-ups & who did it hurt. We need to quit trying to act like we are all purists in this COuntry. We drink, we fight, we cuss, big deal. Biggest bunch of whiners in the world we Americans have become. So worried about being correct. Screw people if they can’t take it. Tired of being concerned what other people think.