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Zombieland: Saints fans crave Super Bowl merchandise, must be fed

Feb 9, 2010, 11:30 AM EDT

The scene at Academy Sports in Lafayette, Louisiana on Sunday night was not pretty, as hundreds (thousands?) descended on the parking lot waiting their turn to get in to purchase Super Bowl championship gear. The store closed at 8 p.m., but reopened at 9:30 when the game ended and multitudes gathered in search of brains souvenir clothing. Friends of the Program has a photo, plus frightening zombie video, of the mayhem.

This is amazing, not so much for the sheer number of people there, but more so that that many people would wear the typically awful looking first versions of Championship gear that gets put out there on the heels of a championship. Pace yourselves Saints fans, quality craftsmanship takes time.

Video following the jump.

“The parking lot is full. It looks like the whole shopping center is open,” store director Matt Smith told the Biloxi Sun Herald. “Everyone’s driving by blowing their horns and hooping and hollering.”

Customers were allowed in 15 at a time, and limited to the front of the store where unfolded shirts waited for purchase. Customers could buy two shirts and a cap at first, but demand was so high, Smith had to cut that to one shirt and cap per person within the first 30 minutes.

And it’s possible that the shirts being snapped up that night had been manufactured in … Indianapolis?

A mad rush was on Monday to churn out New Orleans Saints Super Bowl champs shirts in an ironic place: Indianapolis.

But even as employees at the Adidas Group plant on the Eastside mourned their home team’s loss, general manager Blake Lundberg couldn’t help but smile — just a bit.

“From a business standpoint, the Saints’ win is tremendous for us,” he said. “It will be a very nice long week for us.”

Adidas has the contract to manufacture licensed gear for all NFL teams through its Reebok subsidiary. And pre-order sales for Saints’ Super Bowl merchandise was quadruple that of the Indianapolis Colts.

They will ship out 130,000 shirts a day, compared with a typical 65,000 to 70,000.

That means overtime for Deobalek Thomas, who was forlornly pulling long-sleeved gray Saints T-shirts off the screen printing press Monday, while wearing his 2007 Colts Super Bowl champions shirt.

“I would have rather worked three days and had the Colts win,” he said. “These aren’t the shirts I wanted to do.”

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  1. kate - Feb 9, 2010 at 7:28 PM

    HOO RAH! The Saints have come marching in!