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Monday Blogdome: Just win, baby

Feb 8, 2010, 4:00 PM EDT

My Favorite Super Bowl Image: Drew and Baylen Brees. Baylen is three months younger than my second kid, and I could not only totally picture myself holding him up in this situation, but I can actually sort of understand how Dad Brees must have been feeling in that moment, sharing it with his son. [Dan Shanoff]

* Chris Berman is Being Heavily Pursued by the NFL Network. Would He Leave ESPN? Chris Berman, one of ESPN’s longest tenured on-air talents, is being heavily pursued by the NFL Network, a source tells The Big Lead. According to the source, the NFL Network is putting the full court press on Berman – whose contract expires May 10, on his 55th birthday – and it isn’t a sure thing that he’ll return to Bristol. ESPN PR had no comment. [The Big Lead]
* Your 2010 Winter Olympics Announcers By Sport. Here is your 2010 Winter Olympics announcer schedule by Sport. I’ll be sure to give you more information on actual schedules and pairings once they become available. [Awful Announcing]
* The Monkees for the Super Bowl Halftime show, 2011. People who demand the Monkees play the next available Super Bowl Halftime show. [Facebook]
* I Swear I’m Not Gloating. For those not aware, I’m a southern California native stuck in the frigid confines of the Hoosier State. For the past six years I’ve had to hear from everyone how great the Colts are. As a Chargers fan I get it worse than most people because the Bolts have actually beaten the Colts almost every time the two teams play since I’ve been here. So forgive me if I was laughing last night when Mr. Perfect Peyton Manning screwed the pooch and the Colts blew a 10-0 lead to get beaten by the Saints 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV. [Rumors & Rants]
* Super Bowl Photags Love Them Some Peyton Manning Plight. It’s safe to say that every major news source and their respective photographers made sure to capture the essence of Peyton Manning’s 4th Quarter interception to Tracy Porter. Schadenfreude, in pictorial montage format. [Joe Sports Fan]
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  1. Dee Mirich and the Supremes - Feb 9, 2010 at 5:26 AM

    Was that Baylen in the etrade airplane ad?