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Guy who lost his job because of fantasy football at least got a free trip to Super Bowl out of it

Feb 6, 2010, 12:45 PM EDT

Many of you likely recall the head-scratching tale of one Cameron Pettigrew, a 27-year-old Grapevine, Texas resident who was unceremoniously fired from his job at Fidelity Investments last October after his superiors intercepted an instant message regarding Trent Edwards related to a fantasy football league.
Get it? Trent Edwards? Intercepted? That’s gold, my friends. Score one for Weed! Okay, okay, that was weaksauce.
Anyhoo, at least we can all feel a bit better about Pettigrew’s unfortunate situation because the notoriety he received as a result of his termination resulted in a free trip to Miami for the Super Bowl.

The unusual firing made headlines, and the story attracted the attention of Dustin Ashby, commissioner of the World Championship of Fantasy Football league. That league paid for Pettigrew’s promotional trip to Florida, and waived his $1,000 entry fee to the league’s 2010 Main Event draft in Las Vegas.

Ashby wouldn’t say whether the league had a ticket for Pettigrew to attend the Super Bowl game.

Wait, what’s that? They fly him down to Florida for Super Bowl week but don’t even have the decency to get him a ticket for the game? That’s the ultimate hose job if you ask me. I’m not saying a free trip to Miami is something sneeze at just because a guy didn’t adhere to an admittedly shortsighted and lame company policy banning gambling, but really?
Considering the facts surrounding what I would call his unfair termination – unlike me the last couple of times I have been escorted off the premises of my place of employment, he was still wearing his pants – I hope Mr. Pettigrew is at least enjoying his time in Miami. And if for some reason he doesn’t end up with a ticket for the game, I at least hope the powers-that-be that flew him in for the festivities didn’t book his flight back to Texas to occur during the game. You know, because he would miss all of those hilarious commercials and stuff.
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  1. Jim Guida - Feb 7, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    I have been to Miami and I have been to a Superbowl game. Miami is better. Other than the thrill of singing The National Anthem at the Superbowl, it was pretty much “look at all those tiny people.” Enjoy the game from the best seat in the house folks. And pass the nachos, please.