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Thursday Blogdome: Some Chargers prepped for playoffs with strippers?

Jan 21, 2010, 5:00 PM EDT

Time for blogdome, where we gather the freshest and tastiest blog items and deliver them right to your door. Today, San Diego Chargers strip club shenanigans, or, why your team isn’t ready to get serious about being in the Super Bowl. Plus, 17-year-old Sarah Palin on the basketball court, and more.
Report: Chargers At Strip Club Saturday Before Jets Game. The manager of a well known strip club in the San Diego area named “Pure Platinum” called in this afternoon around 1:00 PM Pacific time to alert host John Cantera that at least eight Chargers were at his strip club into the early hours of the morning less that 36 hours before the game with the Jets on Sunday. [Funk Football (via)]

* How Red Sox Nation seized control of the Martha Coakley-Scott Brown race. For all the transition, however, certain basic facts stand the test of time. In Massachusetts, those facts include this: You must know the basics about the Boston Red Sox if you expect to avoid abject ridicule by a large number of your desired constituents. [Red Sox Monster]
* Joshua Clottey Could Kill Boxing’s Comeback. A fighter like Clottey, who will be able to walk through the same punches that made Cotto run for cover, could be big trouble for Pacquiao. If Clottey does pull off the upset, goodbye dream fight, and goodbye bandwagon boxing fans. The dark days will be upon us again. [Sports Radio Interviews]
* Brother on Brother Crime (Lopez Twins). So what happens when a twin brother dunks on his sibling? Does the cosmos collapse as a result? Just ask Brook Lopez of the New Jersey Nets, who got absolutely posterized by his twin brother, Robin, who plays for the Phoenix Suns. While it’s widely considered the Brook is the better player out of the two, who combine to give us almost 14 feet of a basketball player, Robin won this particular round. [Intentional Foul]
* 17-Year Old Sarah Palin, Wasilla High girls basketball (CAPTION IT!). Thought the above photo of a 17-year old Sarah Palin (#22) hooping it up for Wasilla High merited a create-a-caption contest — bonus points if you can identify the model/brand of sneakers on her feet (are those the original Nike Dunks?). [Steady Burn]
* Big Baby Davis Cusses at Fan Over ‘Fat Boy’ Heckling. Last year we saw Celtics forward Glen Davis earn his nickname of “Big Baby” by crying after teammate Kevin Garnett got on his case. Now I’m really believing he got the nickname because of real life experiences. The poor guy is so thin-skinned he let a heckling fan in Detroit get the best of him on Wednesday night. [Larry Brown Sports]
* Kemp’s Tabloid Hookup Unearths Alleged Skeleton. Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp recently hooked up with Tabloid magnet Rihanna and now he’s paying the price. [Sports by Brooks]
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  1. Handsome B. Wonderful - Jan 21, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    Did the Chargers learn anything from Varsity Blues?