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Tuesday Blogdome: Herschel Walker's MMA debut finalized; Mom unamused

Jan 12, 2010, 7:30 PM EDT

Today in Blogdome, Herschel Walker has signed to get into the MMA ring with Greg Nagy. This has delighted almost no one, least of all UFC president Dana White, and Walker’s own mother. Plus, other stuff following the jump!
Herschel Walker ‘serious’ debut MMA bout. Even Herschel Walker’s mother apparently isn’t too keen on her son’s latest competitive venture. “She’s been praying that they wouldn’t find an opponent for me,” the former Heisman Trophy winner and mixed martial arts novice told AP. “Even though she wants me to do it, she’s been praying that they don’t find me an opponent.” So much for divine intervention. [AOL Fanhouse]

* New York Knicks’ Problems Now Include Ghosts. The Knicks lost by 18 to the Thunder last night. What’s not showing up in the box score however, is that the Knicks stayed in a haunted hotel the last few nights in Oklahoma City. According to the New York Post, several players had trouble sleeping because they were convinced that was true. [The Big Lead]
* Shaq And J.J. Redick Had Same Road Beef? STOP THE INSANITY! Ok, how the hell does some chick go from ‘dating’ J.J. Redick to a relationship with Shaq? That’s like going from riding in a MG to putting your ass in the passenger seat of a Mack truck. Not fair to the MG. [Busted Coverage]
* Stay Classy, Mets. This story is quite ridiculous on a plethora of different levels. Let’s just jump right to it. [3:10 to Joba]
* Fox Soccer Channel PLUS. March 1, 2010. Possibly available, maybe not. According to Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Journal, FSC has pulled it’s sub licensing of the EPL matches it owns that it had been giving to Setanta US, and will be using them plus their own rights to form (in addition to FSC) a premium channel called Fox Soccer Channel Plus. This will likely mean the death-knell for Setanta US as it’s been previously reported that their subscriptions and renewals were down from previous years. [Avoiding the Drop]
* Harold Reynolds Loves Harold Reynolds. Typically when we visit somebody’s home for a live interview we’re treated to a library or just a fireplace with fake fire or a family portrait of some sort. But not in Harold Reynolds’ home. Harold: “Let’s make sure we get that camera angled so my self-portrait oil painting can be prominently displayed over my left shoulder.” I don’t even think Dick Vitale has a portrait of himself in his home interviews, let alone an oil painting. Oh well, at least Harold isn’t a Centaur… he’s just a Mariner. [Bugs and Cranks]
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