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Video: Not a good day for Packers fans. Not a good day at all

Jan 11, 2010, 8:43 PM EDT

Right now I’m looking for a news link to the story of the Packers fan who allegedly grabbed a baseball bat and went to town on two flat-screen TVs at a Wisconsin department store on Sunday. This quote is hilarious if true: “If the Cards can get away with face masking I should get away with bashing these TVs in.” Meanwhile, here’s something that’s verified: A Packers fan in North Lancaster Township, Wisc., has told sheriff’s deputies that he grabbed his wife around the neck after the team lost to the Cardinals.
Grant County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 45-year old Jeffrey Leffler “because he was ornery” after the Cardinals won on a turnover in overtime. Mathew Kowald was unavailable for comment.

But while domestic abuse isn’t funny, this is: A Packers fan seen on the New York subway following the game is recorded with a cell phone camera. Poor, dumb sap.

At the actual game, tempers flare outside.

I’ve always thought of Packers fans as good-natured and benign; passionate about their team, of course, but never violent. They bake pies and collect Donald Driver Christmas ornaments. And if your car has to break down in front of someone’s house, it might as well be a Packers fan. “More hot cocoa while we wait for the auto club?”
Guess I was wrong? The psychological damage done by Brett Favre, and now this painful loss, well, it must have been too much. We’re watching the collective nervous breakdown of an entire fan base.
Packers loss leads to domestic abuse arrest [KWWL]
Sports fans fight [YouTube]

  1. Jason - Jan 12, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    A shelter worker in Wisc told me the two days a year women are beaten by husbands the most are:
    1. the day after Christmas
    2. the day after the packers lose.
    Sad but true.