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Monday blogdome: Chandler saves the day

Jan 4, 2010, 3:30 PM EDT

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If I ever thought that “Chandler” as a given name would catch on, I would have jumped all over that. Chandler Chandler would have been a a great name for my son. But as all of those Friends reruns have taught us, the name only exists in fiction. Um, wait a minute … what’s this? Florida’s Chandler Parsons (pictured, far right) sank a circus shot to win the game for the Gators last night against North Carolina State. A great way to begin the first blogdome of the new year.
Chandler Parsons 75-footer hides Florida’s struggles. Up 61-59 with just 2.3 seconds left and no timeouts for Florida, NC State’s Farnold Degand missed the second of two free throws. Chandler Parsons grabbed the rebound and, well, why am I writing this? There’s a reason I embed videos. [Ballin' Is a Habit]

* Gary Patterson and TCU are Poised to Horn the Broncos. “We kept creeping closer and closer. About every thirty minutes I have got to pinch myself to believe that I am here right now. I am like a kid in the candy store just really happy to do and our kids are practicing and such and we are doing what we are supposed to do and we are at the end of the season 13-0 and give ourselves a chance to start high next year in the rankings.” [Sports Radio Interviews]
* Photos From LeBron James’ 25th Birthday Party. To take a break from all of the words that fill up the site daily, here’s a quick glimpse of some of the photos taken at LeBron’s 25th birthday party that took place at Barroom last week. As expected, the night was full of teammates, celebrities, hip-hop stars and close friends of James. [Waiting For Next Year]
* How Lovie Smith’s Cover 2 Went From Smiley Face to Frowny Face in 2 Short Years. Unfortunately for our friend Lovie Smith, a variety of internal and external factors has caused his smiley-face Cover 2 defense to go from trendy to useless in a few short years. Now the Cover 2 resembles something that reflects our feelings about it pretty well. [Not Qualified To Comment]
* Raiders set to fire Cable. Cable did a really good job with what he had: a terrible QB, a waste of a first round draft pick, and a pain in the ass of an owner. I think he is getting a raw deal in this situation. Maybe this firing is based more on the in-season distractions, punching a coach, domestic abuse, but if it is based solely on his performance, then he has been royally screwed. [Second-String Fullback]
* Pictures: Brandon Carter head tattoos. We made a big deal of Texas Tech offensive lineman Brandon Carter last year for his crazy face paint and piercings last year. This year, it’s his head tattoos that got all the attention. They were on full display following the Alamo Bowl when he was shown on camera with his helmet off, hugging interim coach Ruffin McNeil. And man, I didn’t realize how much he had added to his collection. Check out these pictures of Brandon Carter’s head tattoos: [Larry Brown Sports]
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