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The Cleveland Show: Eric Barton Christmas Twitter war was ugly

Dec 29, 2009, 1:00 PM EDT

While most of us were experiencing the joy of home and family on Christmas, Browns linebacker Eric Barton was engaged in a tradition as old as the holiday itself; a Twitter war with bitter Cleveland fans. The problem? Barton tweeted about his favorite NBA team, the Lakers, losing on Christmas day. This did not go over well with the Cleveland Twitterati, who took turns taking potshots at Barton for his non-Cavaliers allegiance. A particularly amusing sequence is below:

(Victhequick) hey eric barton, youre from South Carolina, and your a lakers fan. go sit down….. oh wait you already are. 4:52 PM Dec 27th from web

(EricBarton55) Blocked another idiot let’s keep it coming 9:10 PM Dec 25th from Twitterrific

(EricBarton55) @Victhequick I hope u get a life 5:54 PM Dec 25th from Twitterrific in reply to Victhequick

(Victhequick) @ericbarton50 youre a lakers fan? i hope the browns release you 5:03 PM Dec 25th from web in reply to ericbarton50

Some other choice tweets:

(cavalette23) @ericbarton50 “How could the lakers do this to me on Christmas” Excuse me?! You’re a Cleveland Brown now, you’d better remember that! 5:19 PM Dec 25th from Twittelator

(Nickpapa) @ericbarton50 No need to be rude! Cleveland fans are passionate. Youd be wise to not disrepect the same fans that support you every Sunday. 6:11 PM Dec 25th from Twittelator in reply to ericbarton50

Yes, Lebron got a taste of that in 2007, when he was photographed in the stands at a Yankees-Indians playoff game wearing a Yankees cap. Despite James taking off the hat later in the game, Cleveland fans still ripped him.

“LeBron James. King of Nothing. Fan of Yankees. Get Out of Town,” read a sign Friday at a Marathon gas station in suburban North Ridgeville.

Good thing he wasn’t also wearing his Cowboys jersey.
Eric Barton gets a Twitter taste of Cleveland fans [WFNY]
Eric Barton on Twitter [EricBarton55]

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