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Bengals cheerleader has had enough, sues gossip site

Dec 29, 2009, 11:00 AM EDT

With gossip sites taking aim at pro athletes more and more these days (see: Tiger Woods), it’s only natural that there would be some backlash. But we didn’t expect one of the first volleys to be from the Cincinnati Ben-Gals, did we? One member of that intrepid group, known only as Sarah J., is suing The over a story the site ran which claimed, among other things, that Sarah’s boyfriend gave her STDs. (She’s not pictured here … at least I don’t think she is).
Not nice, The! Bad form!

I suppose that the photo of Sarah J. is relatively safe for work, but as far as the story itself, you’ll have to seek out The Dirty on your own to check it out. Of particular amusement to me is Nik Richie’s printed claim that “all high school teachers are freaks in the sack,” which just proves that he never went to my high school and saw my teachers. Unless he was talking about literal freaks and actual sacks.
From the Phoenix New Times (The Dirty’s founder, Nik Richie — real name Hooman Karamian — is from Scottsdale):

In a post on Karamian’s Web site,, a story was posted on December 7 with the title “The Dirty Bengals Cheerleader.”

A lawsuit filed against Richie and his Web site notes that the post includes a picture of a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, identified in the post as “Sarah J,” with the claim that her ex-boyfriend, “Nate,” cheated on her with more than 50 women and tested positive several times for chlamydia and gonorrhea. The author of the post suggests that “Nate” gave the diseases to “Sarah J.”

As if a few pesky STDs weren’t enough, the post also claims that “Sarah J,” who is also a schoolteacher in Northern Kentucky, had sex with “Nate” in her classroom at her Dixie Heights, Kentucky, school, the suit notes.

“Sarah J” is seeking unspecified damages

More Sarah J. photos here and here.
You’re hereby on notice, TMZ … tread lightly around the Ben-Gals.
Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Sues The Dirty [Phoenix New Times]

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