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Tiger Woods billboard includes provocative offer

Dec 28, 2009, 10:00 AM EDT

In possibly the most irony-laced billboard combination since these, motorists in the Asheville, N.C. area are still at last report being urged to stop in at their local Motel 6 to find out “what inspired” Tiger Woods. It’s unfortunate ad placement, Tiger Woods Edition … and it is glorious.
Great advertising for Motel 6; not so great for The Cliffs High Carolina, the Woods-designed golf community that is reportedly taking a bath during this whole sex scandal mess. Anyone in the Asheville area who can confirm that the Woods billboards are still up? I really hope they are; we get so few laughs during these troubling economic times.
Turns out, though, that many were laughing at the Tiger billboard even before his “troubles” came to light on Thanksgiving.

In an astounding example of unfortunate timing, billboards for The Cliffs High Carolina went up only two weeks before Woods smashed his Escalade into a fire hydrant. But the golf community was reportedly having trouble selling lots on their new development even before that, and now sales are at a virtual standstill. Woods was paid a reported $20 million by mega-developer Jim Anthony to design the course, his first such effort in the U.S.
The project was not popular with all from the beginning. From an October, 2009 article in Golf Community

Longtime residents of the Asheville area like their mountains just the way they are, and many have reacted to encroaching planned developments like High Carolina by raising their voices at town meetings, with letters to local editors and animated postings on local blog sites. No matter how much people like Jim Anthony of The Cliffs promise to put aside for preservation or how much they crank up their PR machines, people in Asheville, like folks in most areas threatened by over-development, worry about runoff issues, pollution of the streams and rivers and the overall threat to the fragile local ecosystem.

David Cohen, an editorial cartoonist for the Asheville Citizen-Times, had this take on the situation back in October.
But since the sex scandal has taken off, he’s updated his work.
The Cliffs finds itself between Tiger and a very hard place; the company had sold just 30 lots at an average of $1 million each, before Woods’ accident, according to the Greenville News. They paid a reported $120 million for the 3,000 acres. The Cliffs still has a video on their site featuring Woods taking us on a walking tour of the course he designed. Key Tiger quote:

“I want to have my kids experience something like this. I want to be able to bring them up here and feel safe, feel secure — enjoy running the trails and being a part of nature like this. Because your priorities start changing and evolving once you have a family, and I want to come up here as often as I possibly can.” Woods also says: “One of the things that has drawn me to this is the fact that I can bring my family here. We’ll be here a lot.”

Too bad they couldn’t fit all that on a billboard.
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  1. Steve - Dec 29, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    I, like a lot of people feel that another “good man” blew it. Another knocked of the pedestal. I am disappointed. But, we blew it by putting him up there. No human golfs like this man. A billion dollars would probably screw me up too. Like to think not but???… Time will heal this and hopefully Tiger also.

  2. Mike Coats - Dec 29, 2009 at 3:38 PM

    LMAO….talk about delusional…man, you take the cake. I play golf, and as a 1 handicap on a course with a slope of 136, I know for a fact that the pros play an ENTIRELY different game. If your real name is Phil Mickelson or Ernie Ells you may have a point…but absent that you are full of crap. These guys on tour would KILL any recreational player….even you. And Tiger is the best of the lot today.
    However…on the off chance you are as good as you say you are, spend a few thousand dollars on a set of first rate clubs, go qualify for the PGA tour, and make some of that money you seem to think just falls from the trees. Hell, you can even play Tiger straight up and show him how its done….BAwwwwww!