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Breaking down Tom Benson's premature Saints celebration

Dec 28, 2009, 12:00 PM EDT

I don’t mean to mock Saints’ owner Tom Benson; by all accounts he’s a swell guy and Lord knows he’s been through hell with that team. But video of his way-to-early celebration of what he thought was another Saints’ win on Sunday is making the rounds, and it’s pretty humorous. Not as humorous as Bud Adams flipping off Bills fans, mind you; but pretty great.
Link to the video, plus frame-by-frame still photo goodness, following the jump.

Video and photos right here.
Notice Benson watching the short field goal attempt by Garrett Hartley with nine seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. It’s up, and … Benson raises his fists, and the woman next to him — I assume that’s his wife — goes in for the celebratory hug. But in mid-clinch, a look of terror crosses his face, as he is somehow informed that the kick missed and the game was still tied. Ack. Let go of me, woman!
I suspect that the ball was made of Flubber.
Look, one should always wait for official confirmation at times like these, especially when one wears glasses and the team in question is called the Saints. As every schoolchild knows by now, Tampa Bay went on to win in overtime, sending New Ahlins to 13-2. who would have thought that the Saints and Colts would have both lost on the same day?
The way the Saints have been playing lately, the NFC is in a terrible mess. Nobody seems to want the Super Bowl.*
* = Bitter rantings of 49er fan. Please disregard.
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  1. Eleonor Rieland - Feb 1, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    I wish Tom lived next door.. that would be heaven. Tom makes women go crazy I saw it first-hand in California on the street. Gotta love his incredibly hot eyes, nose and lips. My favorite dream was once when I imagined he took of his shirt while standing at the foot of my bed lol.