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Ecstasy pills with the Olympics logo? Curling condoms? The Vancouver Games are gonna be fun

Dec 11, 2009, 11:00 AM EDT

Canada’s crackdown on unauthorized Winter Olympics merchandise is going quite well, I see. Vancouver police executing a drug raid at a residential home found a cache of ecstasy tablets with the Olympic logo imprinted on them, proving once again that if you can’t win a lot of medals, you can still be deliriously happy. Also, how else are you supposed to make curling interesting?
And speaking of curling, the U.S. Curling team has found a sponsor and is selling a new brand of condoms, called “Hurry Hard.” That’s a curling term, so I understand.

From the Vancouver Sun (via Sportress of Blogitude):

The new prophylactic comes with the image of a happy rock with a long handle over top of a curling ring or house.

For the unitiated, “hurry hard” is a command used by a curler to instruct his team mates sweeping in front of a rock. Canadian Olympian curlerRuss Howard helped popularize it with his booming voice.

But back to the drugs:

The seized drugs were worth more than $1 million on the street, police said. Also seized was a six-ounce partial brick of cocaine, with a street value of approximately $17,000. Some of the ecstasy tablets were imprinted with peace signs and others with the Olympic rings.

Two men were arrested, but not charged. They have been released on conditions, which include not to have contact with one another and not to go to nightclubs or raves, where ecstasy is commonly sold.

A million dollars worth of drugs seized, including a brick of cocaine … and they can go free. But no parties, eh! It’s not so much a War on Drugs in Canada as it is an Informal Get-Together on Drugs.
But no story about ecstasy would be complete without a scene from the play Annabel Dickson, as performed by Mr. G’s theater class at Summer Heights High. “No Annabel! Don’t get involved with drugs!” “Too late, sir!”
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  1. Craig - Dec 12, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    Some people are objecting to the condoms, saying this continues a troubling trend of highlighting sexuality at the Olympics. In response, IOC officials promised that while figure skating is one thing, wearing of tutus by the curlers will result in immediate disqualification.