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Morning Tweet: Thanks mom … my mother, folks

Dec 11, 2009, 9:00 AM EDT

Here’s how bad it’s getting for the Steelers … not only do they lose to the Browns, but their mothers are brawling with local ruffians on game day. The mother of linebacker James Harrison was questioned by Akron, Ohio police last night at some point following Pittsburgh’s 13-6 loss to Cleveland. Those women better stop talkin’ **** about my son!
Hey, maybe she was just an innocent bystander. Or hit a Browns fan with a folding chair. If so she showed more fight than the Steelers, who fell to 6-7. Terrible Towels now being used tgo wipe away the unfathomable tears of sadness.
You think Friday a joke? Friday not weak! I smash your stupid game!


What you missed while locking up the town drunk

* Cincinnati players thrilled with Brian Kelly’s new gig, wish him hail and farewell. (“Let’s get him!”)

* Hey Lakers fans, the Celtics are pretty good too.

* The 49ers and Raiders to share a stadium? See the second comment below the story to understand how popular that idea is.

“I’ll tell you more about kelp once I’ve investigated the dead body that washed up on the beach in panel 1.”

  1. Threat Level: Midnight - Dec 11, 2009 at 10:42 AM

    I think the best thing about Mark Trail is the description:
    Forever 32, this handsome outdoorsman and photojournalist for Woods and Wildlife magazine spends his days hunting, fishing and pursuing simple pleasures. But all too often his woodland paradise is threatened, and that’s when Mark Trail springs into action!
    He’s the Don Draper of woodland paradises.