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Wednesday Blogdome: Fun with ESPN graphics

Dec 9, 2009, 4:00 PM EDT

Screw it, we’re doing blogdome every day. And no blogdome week can be complete without some fresh-from-the-oven ESPN graphics Fail. In today’s example, the Worldwide Leader throws up a graphic on its Bowl Selection Show which shows the logos for Virginia Tech (OK so far) and Tennessee (oops!). I don’t think Lane Kiffin appreciates his team being called the Lady Vols.
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This bowl game might be easier than we hoped. We were sent this picture by our friend DCno10 (wooo our first tip — take that Deadspin!) which is a screen grab of the bowl selection show. Guess if you can spot why this is awesome. Besides the dumb look on Jesse Palmer’s face, did you figure it out? How about the logo for Tennessee? [The North Endzone]

* Purple Jesus sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. I was taking a picture of our purple Christmas tree and Purple Jesus came on to supervise. And to chill me to my core. [Style Points] Editor’s note: Just heard that Style Points is ceasing operations. Very sad news.
* MLB needs to repo the Rangers. Team president Nolan Ryan, breaking a silence he has maintained since September, said he is aligned with only Chuck Greenberg in a bid to purchase the club from Hicks Sports Group. Ryan also said that he will leave the organization if Dennis Gilbert purchases the team and assumes control of baseball operations. [Lewp's Weblog]
* $30 million for Randy Wolf? Yikes. Really Milwaukee Brewers? You’re dishing out $29.75 million over the next three seasons for Randy Wolf? He’s really still a $10 million/year type of guy, huh? Hey, what do I know — maybe that’s why I’m not a GM. [Babes Love Baseball]
* World Cup Preview: 14 Teams That Could Win or Be Relevant. The World Cup Draw was last Friday, ramping up or dampening expectations depending on your allegiances. Considering the draw here are the 14 teams we believe could win the tournament, or at least be relevant in the later stages. They are ranked in order of probability. [The Big Lead]
* Watch Colt McCoy get beaten, thrown out of a window. Viral ads, how much work-time can you suck away from an otherwise potentially productive day? Oh, more than you you previously thought possible, especially if you have a headshot of a college football personality you don’t like and the stolen time to put it through this “Je Tuer Un Ami” viral promo for a French television show. (HT: Dave) The first victim we saw put through that was Colt McCoy, who appears below in the final scene from the “Big Marshall” variation where your victim of choice is beaten with a baseball bat, kicked in the stomach, and thrown out a window and onto a waiting car. < ----Nebraska did it first. [EDSBS]
* Ireland is back in the World Cup. Just kidding. Even though Charlize Theron pulled Ireland in the rehearsal, it was not meant to be. There are so many fans of “The Boys in Green” that wish this video were true. [Sports Crackle Pop]

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