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The case of the incredible disappearing Dick Jauron

Dec 3, 2009, 4:30 PM EDT

When the Buffalo Bills get rid of you, they really get rid of you. Not content with him simply cleaning out his office, the Bills wiped former head coach Dick Jauron out of existence in their team photo recently, replacing him with a rookie running back with suspicious Popeye forearms. The Bills took the team photo in September, but when they handed out copies before Sunday’s game with the Dolphins, one person was missing.
Jauron was only fired two weeks ago. Trickery! Magical shenanigans afoot.

Sharp-eyed Bills fan Joshua Fitzgerald appears to have been the first to catch the chicanery. Busted!
Jauron is supposed to be in the middle, second row from the bottom, to the right of team owner Ralph Wilson. See the team photo here.

Players acquired before Jauron was fired (tackle Jamon Meredith, linebacker Chris Draft, defensive back Todd Johnson) aren’t in the photo. Players cut before Jauron was fired (running back Xavier Omon, linebacker Alvin Bowen) are present.

So who was depicted in the prominent spot to Wilson’s right? Rookie cornerback Jairus Byrd, who didn’t start a game until Week 3. Click on the photo to blow it up and check out Byrd’s amazing right forearm. Lifting a lot of luggage with that arm are we, Jairus?

Furthermore, there’s a phantom khaki pant and sneaker underneath Byrd in the team photo. The players are in jerseys and game pants. Coaches are in khakis.

Then, there’s this:

Various body parts have been copied and pasted to fill in spaces that had been covered. Cornerbacks Ashton Youboty and Leodis McKelvin have the same left arm, noticeable by the six-fingered hand dangling from it. Their hands are resting on imaginary leg.

(Gasp!) At last … the six-fingered man!
Jauron a vanishing act in team photo(shop) [ESPN]

  1. waitwhat - Dec 4, 2009 at 9:47 PM

    wow, thats hilarious, and petty.