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Gilbert Arenas' cryptic message to Shaq includes a belt-whuppin

Nov 20, 2009, 1:30 PM EDT

Is Gilbert Arenas finally speaking out on Shaquille O’Neal’s alleged dalliances with his pregnant fiance? In our last episode, Shaq was reportedly Shaqing up with Laura Govan, who is engaged to Mr. Arenas and pregnant with his child. But when Shaq’s wife found out about it, hilarity did not ensue.
Tammy Wynette explains what happened next.
Shaq then opted out of the Cavaliers’ Thursday game with Arenas’ Washington Wizards, complaining of a mysterious shoulder injury (surprise! He’s better now!). Ok. Now, cut to this Twitter video of Arenas mentioning Shaq, all the while beating someone with a belt. I know … weird. But telling.
Video following the jump.

Gilbert, as we learned this morning, is trying to drum up a million Twitter followers. Only then will he begin Twittering. Look; I just report ‘em. I don’t explain ‘em. He made this video in conjunction with his Twitter quest. But the Shaq hate just kind of slipped out, I guess.

For the YouTube-challenged:

Voice off camera to Gilbert: “You ain’t gonna get a million followers, man. Alright, let’s make a deal; I’ll follow you if you follow Shaq.”

Gilbert Arenas (to camera): “So you guys wanna follow Shaq, huh? I advise that you follow me, or this here’s what will happen to you.”

(Arenas belts Nick Young with a belt; probably a lot harder than Young was expecting. Everyone: “Ohhhh!”)

Nick Young: “Don’t do it, don’t hit me no more, don’t hit me no more.”

Voice off camera: “Shaq got a million followers, and he don’t have to do this.”

More importantly, Wizards at Cavaliers, Weds., Jan. 6.
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